Large solutions build using Configuration-Oriented Programming & Hyperprogramming

E-Revenue Stamp project/software module IS PEP - payments pairing and recording ( year 2014 - 2016 )
Our team has supervised the development of the payment pairing and recording module of the E-Revenue Stamp project, which proceeds 250 million EUR /year, 1 million transactions/month. The architecture of the software solution is built using configuration-oriented programming principles and its highly optimized and stable solution (Link)

Project Slovakiana / software module CAIR - Central Registry and Infrastructure ( year 2015-2016 )
The backend of the complex information systems for the department of culture of the Slovak Republic, which manages copyrights of all digitalized assets under the administration of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic. (Link)

Project eDemocracy - open government/software module subsidies and EU aid ( year 2015-2016 )
This portal offers 14 electronic services of the Government Office of the Slovak Republic, for example, datasets related to subsidies and EU aid provided (Link)

Web portal/intranet of the Slovak Bar Association ( 2003-2022) 
This project shows the flexibility of our technology, as its continuously developed & maintained using Configuration Oriented Programming and Hyperprogramming for more than 19 years in a row, without the need of rewriting the whole system from the scratch. It's being upgraded strictly on the bases of new users' requirements and only those parts of the project that reflect requested functional changes are adjusted.(Link)

Custom-tailored Warehouse Management Solution Custom ( 2022 ) -Fully configurable Warehouse Management Solution Middleware integrated with pick-2-light technology, HW readers, and other ERPs. It is deployed as a SaaS solution for both cloud and on-premise applications. Its a part of the Teseron Hyperinformation System IDE (more info)

Teseron Hyperinformation System (IDE)
Very powerful cloud-native IDE, that is enhanced with a visual interface and "low-code" like features. It's our main project development tool and it's developed using itself.  Teseron Hyperinformation System IDE covers the full project lifecycle and allows real-time development, compiling, testing, profiling, version control, logging & monitoring, maintenance, and real-time deployment of highly scalable & secure intranet/extranet applications. The resulting code is extremely compact, fast & resource efficient. It contains a large number of fully configurable "abstract" modules, that may be further adjusted to clients' requirements. (more info)

Teseron Integration Platform (IpaaS) 
A slimmed-down version of the Teseron Hyperinformation System specially designed for backend development and integrations. Successfully deployed to selected partners in a very short time ( around 60 man-days ) and further enhanced with Cloud Dashboard, payment gateways, subscribers management, etc. Shows the real power of Hyperprogramming, when it comes to the reusability of projects and generic components.  (Read how it was built)